Green String Institute's Sustainable Farming Internship Program

Our internship program is a unique opportunity for future farmers to get training in sustainable farming. Ten-sixteen interns join the Green String family for three months, to live, learn, work, and play.


Interns work in the mornings helping out in the fields, in the farm store, and with special projects. We aim to involve interns in as many aspects of farm work as possible to build a breadth of experience.

Farm work includes:

Interns are help on the weekends with farm responsibilities, farm store, events and caring for animals -- chickens don't take weekends off! We expect interns not to have outside jobs during their time here.


Interns have lessons most weekday afternoons. Bob Cannard teaches the majority of lessons, and covers all practical aspects of natural process farming, from seed selection and pruning to tool maintenance and farm finances.

Occasionally, interns receive lessons from guest instructors on topics of agronomy, apiology, compost tea, iron works, wine making, nutrition, business, special events, marketing and community outreach.



Each group of interns lives in a four-bedroom house on the farm. Interns receive a stipend of about $50 per week.* We provide seasonal vegetables and fruit from the farm, as well as a limited amount of eggs, olive oil, meat, and preserves that Green String produces. Staple foods such as beans, flours, sugar, and grains are provided.

* Technically, interns are employees of Green String Farm and will have tuition, room, and board deducted from their paychecks, leaving them with about $50 per week.


Participants must be at least 18 years old, legally permitted to work in the US, and in good physical condition.


We host interns year-round. Work activities vary from season to season, but all interns receive the same basic instruction.


Please do not apply unless you can commit to the entire three-month term.

September to November
December to February
March to May
June to August

To apply

As much as we'd like to accommodate every person who wants to participate in our program, limited space makes that impossible. We try to select applicants who will get the most out of the internship experience.

What we look for in an applicant

Application Process

term applications due
Fall July 15
Winter October 15
Spring January 15
Summer April 15
  1. Submit completed application and your resume by email, snail mail, or by dropping it off at the Green String Farm store by the deadline. Our address is 3571 Old Adobe Road, Petaluma, CA 94954 -- see for map and directions.
  2. After we receive applications, we may contact you for an interview. If at all possible, we like to have applicants visit the farm for their interviews -- it gives us a chance to meet you in person, and it gives you a better sense of the program. We will conduct interviews over the phone for applicants not in the area.
  3. We will notify applicants of our decision one month before the start of term.

Application form

An application form is available for download below. You can either print out the PDF and write answers in, or you can type information directly into the file, save it, and email it to (Some people are unable to save their answers to the PDF file; if this happens to you, feel free to save the information in a text document instead.)  Please include a résumé or additional information if you wish.